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Thank You Rockford First Church

Goodies brought by the Rockford Team

A mighty team from Rockford First Church in IL visited ZOE for a two week short term mission trip recently.  They were such a huge blessing to all of us and accomplished so much.  Thank you to each and every one of you for spending your precious time with ZOE and the people of Thailand.

ZOE Rescue Walk 2012 Highlight

On November 10th, about 750 walkers, children and adults, gathered at Newhall Park in Newhall, CA for the first ZOE Rescue Walk.  The event was a milestone and a huge success!  People came from all over Southern California to take part in this Walk to bring awareness to human trafficking.  We saw many familiar faces amongst the sea of people.  There will be more updates and photos to follow but we wanted to share a newletter with you a highlight written by one of our Walk participants. 


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ZOE Rescue Walk 2012 by Ann Song



Internet at the Speed of Light!

Thanks to some generous donors, ZOE Children’s Homes in Thailand now has really fast internet. We now have a fiber optic internet line at the Children’s Home. The internet in Thailand was very unreliable in the past and fluctuated according to the weather. When a rain storm passed by, the internet would go down. This made it very difficult for our missionaries and Thai staff to work effectively. Now that the fiber optic internet line is in…WOW, what a difference! The missionary and staffs productivity has shot up tremendously. They are all so excited to be able to get more work done, faster and with more reliability. The team can now do video conferencing with our USA office, Skype with churches, and stream “live” events from Thailand. Not only are the missionaries and staff excited but all the children now have great access to the internet for research and homework.

See photos below of the great accomplishment!

A Heart to Help at ZOE

Can you believe another month has passed us by? So far, to date, we have introduced two of our many stellar USA office volunteers. This month, we would like to highlight another one of our amazing volunteers. Our volunteers often assist us with various tasks and projects in the office as well as joining us at various events and conferences. They have such a servant’s heart and always come prepared and willing to help.  Thank you to all those who have volunteered for ZOE!  Our heart is that as you read this article, there will be a tug in your heart to have the desire to use the skills and talents that are within you, whether it be for our organization or for another wonderful organization.  Those skills and talents were place inside of you for a purpose!

Name: Vicki

How did you find out about ZOE?
My friend, Sharon and I went to a Human Trafficking Awareness conference at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA and we wanted to do something to help, to get involved.  Sharon searched for someplace to get connected but could not find something local.  Then she heard a spot about ZOE on KKLA.  She told me about it and the rest is history, as they say!

What made you want to volunteer?
I wanted to volunteer because I had a heart that wanted to be obedient to God.  This is an atrocity that breaks the heart of God and I believe He wanted me to respond

How long have you volunteered at ZOE?
13 months as of April 2012

What type of tasks do you do at ZOE?
Short Term Missions booklets-printing and preparing for binding, various mailings, brochure stuffing, Kids Helping Kids packets, inventory of paper/brochure items, filing and assisting at the ZOE booth at an event.

Tell us about your overall experience in the office?
It is a joy to be with the staff.  Everyone is so kind and very appreciative.  I am so impressed with the integrity of the organization as a whole.  Everything is done with love and the utmost attention to detail.  As volunteers, we are treated with respect and really as a family!  It feel honored to be a part of the ZOE family.

Have you learned anything new while volunteering?
The atrocity of trafficking children and adults breaks the heart of Almighty God.  His hand is with ZOE in provision and mighty power to address this abomination.  I have learned that this is rampant and serious than I ever dared to think.  I have learned that there is a handful of precious saints with a deep passion to help those who can’t help themselves.  They are precious to God, as are the children they are helping.

Vicki (right) at our ZOE booth during our time at Whole Foods, Valencia, CA


Delightful ZOE Volunteer!

Last month, we debuted our volunteer spotlight article.  Our volunteers assist us with various tasks and projects in the ZOE USA office. All of our volunteers have such an amazing heart to serve.  Some of our volunteers find out about our organization through friends, school, the local Santa Clarita Magazine or just by word of mouth! Many have a heart to combat human trafficking and want to somehow get involved. We are blessed with the amazing, dedicated people that God has sent our way. Thank you all ZOE Volunteers!

Name: Sharon

How did you find out about ZOE?
I heard a KKLA radio station host talking about ZOE and the work ZOE does

What made you want to volunteer?
A couple of weeks before hearing about ZOE on KKLA, I attended a church sponsored conference on human trafficking.  Over the following days, I learned more and knew I needed to help to make a difference in whatever small way I could.  All the organizations were geographically too far to volunteer on a regular basis.  When I learned that ZOE’s office was only 15 miles away, a friend and I visited and as they say, “the rest is history!”

How long have you volunteered at ZOE?
Since mid-March 2011

What type of tasks do you do at ZOE?
I regularly process the mailings of Thank You letters to the ZOE supporters.  Additionally, whatever task and projects are to be done are prioritized/completed from packing, printing, sorting, research, other.

Tell us about your overall experience in the office?
From the first day which was introductory, I sensed that loving, kindness hsared by and for each person in the office.  As I spent more time in the office with everyone, I simply wanted to carry the feelings of me outside the office!  Contagious would be a good word description.

Have you learned anything new while volunteering?
I’ve learned how joy can come from darkness.  The staff, volunteers, missionaries and especially the children have taught me how the little things and bigger things of God’s goodness counts above all things.



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