ZOE Kids’ Camp is Right Around the Corner!

We are very excited for our upcoming ZOE Kids’ Spring Camp.  We are looking for people who would like to partner with us to sponsor our children.  The camp cost is $25 per week for each child.  It is scheduled to run for 4 weeks starting this month during the children’s spring break.  ZOE’s Kids’ Camps are designed to address the deep, personal needs of each child in our care (body, soul and spirit).  For most of the kids at ZOE Children’s Homes, ZOE is their first real family. Some were orphans and others were actually sold by their own relatives. Understandably, the word, “family,” can stir painful memories for these children.  These children need more than housing, food and clothing. They need to learn they that are loved by a Father who will never abandon them. They need a new understanding of what it means to be a part of a family. Like all of us, they need to know that they are valued and that they have purpose.

We celebrate every opportunity to immerse our children in God’s Word and His ways at every opportunity.  Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, Thai schools go on break for about six weeks.  These two school breaks are our perfect opportunity at ZOE to have all-day, everyday access to the children.  During these special times, we focus on pouring the love of God into these precious kids. We teach them who they are in Christ. This process results in emotional restoration and spiritual revival. At camp, ZOE kids find healing and renewal.
Each camp has a central, encouraging theme designed to help increase the self-worth of every child and to reinforce the values of the ZOE family. We create times in the program where the ZOE families can do activities together. Some of these involve going to an approved location off-campus and spending quality time together as a family. ZOE Kids’ Camps are about new beginnings.  They develop life skills as they share new experiences like baking, cake decorating, music, drama, dance, sports, games and crafts – all within the context of their new family.
“This camp helped me to understand that I am worthy. I have a purpose and I am special.
I now have a new outlook on life.” – Nong Bao, Fall Camp 2011

To provide this life-changing experience for our children, we would like to extend the opportunity for you to support one ZOE child during this spring camp.  You will be impacting the lives of these children.  As mentioned prior, the cost for each child to attend the ZOE Kids’ Camp is $100 for 4 weeks ($25 a week).  Currently we have 62 children.  The total budget for the 4 week ZOE Kids’ Camp is $6,200.
Partner with ZOE to support a ZOE child for the Kids’ Camp

**Designate your funds to KIDS CAMP 2012 to ensure your donations to be accounted for correctly.**
ZOE Kids’ Camp 2011

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